Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Something so good…last night I washed my hair at 10pm just so I wouldn’t have to rush in the morning, and then I realized that Flash is away, I have the car (otherwise known as “the beast”) I can leave home ½ an hour later than normal…where is Clapotis? I can knit this morning!
I ask “where is Clapotis” because she doesn’t bug me, she doesn’t torture me the way the manly vest does…the manly vest is evil…oh yes it is, it makes me do ridiculous things, I will have to start listing them soon, or I will forget, and if I forget..I will make them again, for such is the way of life, what we forget, we are doomed to repeat.
It is not the machine’s fault that I forgot to re-thread the carriage after changing colour, and then pushed the carriage along the bed and watched all of my hard work fall into a heap on the ground ( 3 x) It is not the machine’s fault that I picked up the wrong line of stitches at the neck, and undid 2 rows of the pattern…you get the picture…I don’t want to give the whole sorry saga away just yet.

So, on to the latest list:
Why (oh why) did I give my children “those names”

Holly (if she was a boy, she was going to be Jed)
This is easy…it was Christmas, and boy have I paid for that one, especially the renditions of “deck the halls with bowels of Holly, fa la la la la la” every year since she started high school. nick name is Poppy (not for the flower, cos she “popped” a lot as a wee baby)

Charlotte (Lawrence…oh yuk)
2 granddads named Charles, and the fact that Holly would have been named Charlotte, but for the local go-er by the name of Charlotte-the-harlot. When she was little she was Charlie, and we still call her Coco.

Blaise (gave up on the boy’s names)
She was born at sunrise, Blaise Pascal, St Blaise – the patron saint of woolworkers, it was too big whe she was so little, but a clever friend whispered “call her baby Blaise” and it worked. Also known as Daisy, Buggy, Buzzy, Baby, Blaisibeth, Blaisasaurus, Blaisy Daisy.

Did I ever mention that when Charlotte and Blaise were born, we were living in Rocky Bay on the idyllic hippie-filled ( now you can’t move for the wannabe with it crowd) isle of Waiheke…my kids went to school with children named Atreyu, Beezle and Pudding, so you know, they flew right under the weird name radar.