Thursday, April 21, 2005

the chronicles of Flash

sometimes I wonder if I should devote this blog to my husband...since my knitting seems more experimental than necessary.

Flash booked our hotel using amex points, we have 3 vouchers, to pay for 3 nights, as I will arrive first at the hotel, on friday afternoon, I have to check in, Flash and I do not share the same surname, there are good reasons for put it nicely, Flash has the kind of surname you would not want to burden your enemy with, let alone your new beloved bride,and quite frankly if he had insisted I "share the love" I would have been considering my options . Anyhow, so he phones the hotel to advise them that his "wife" has a different last name, and will be checking in in the afternoon as she is arriving in town earlier than him...the smirk from the receptionist was clearly I am a scarlett woman!!

Tomorrow I have a conference all day, then a dash to the airport, and home, to see my 18 yr old daughter who has just returned from a 4 day sojourn in Blenheim wine country, the plan was to send her there to help her decide if she is winemaker material or not...turns out that she is...and apparently the fact that she hardly drinks the stuff at a good thing! her palate has not been polluted, she is a water girl, always has been, no tea, coffee or tobacco. We are all making plans to live with her when she is older, I may have to fend my parents off with a stick. So if anyone out there knows someone in the Hunter, who wants a labourer during the vintage, drop me a line! I will also be reaquainted with my beloved Horse...the cat...who is living with Holly and the oldies, look out for some kitty porn coming this way soon.

Any ideas for the silk would be greatly appreciated, it is currently in hanks, but it is so slippery I don't want to touch it until I have an idea of what I am doing, can I wind it into a ball? do I ply it with a laceweight wool, to stop the slipping? helpppp!