Monday, April 18, 2005


I swirl the word around in my head, and roll it off my tongue...home...what does it mean?

I always wanted to live overseas, show the girls a different life...not too different, they are teenage girls after all...and now we are here I am torn...I miss my family and friends, it nags me like a blister.

I love my life, here, in NZ , wherever...we are fortunate to have these experiences, and to have a family who can afford to visit often, and a company who provide 2 trips home a year.

I have packed my suitcase, including gifts of aussie lollies, exclusive hosiery and jo malone candles, I will fly home, cry, talk, talk, talk, cry and fly...HOME...because home is where my husband is, where my stuff is, where my work is.

I can't wait for thursday!