Monday, April 04, 2005

I have been very, very naughty...

I have tried to ignore online yarn purchasing...because I am nothing if not aware of my weaknesses...unfortunately, seeing the beautiful yarns on show at SSK this week has weakend my resolve...ok, ok,...DISSOLVED my resolve!

So I visited the woolshack (there was this Hawthorne chunky in Viola...perfect for a scarf) and elann ( cute sock yarn for the kids, and so much cheaper than home), and then noticed the variety of Noro yarns available at yarnmarket, and thought, well, while I'm at it, theres some lace weight handpainted silk I have been drooling over at ozeyarn (I bought the black range blues)

I am very ashamed of myself ( yeah right!) and should be punished ( lock me up in my knitting room)

I only meant to buy some basic machine knit yarn...oops! maybe maybe I should go back better not!However I can use the silk in the machine...nah nah nah.

I am off to redeem myself by finishing the manly vest, unfortunately the man in question has already left for Melbourne..I will post a picture and a pattern, and let you know the idiot mistakes I made, that will be good for a laugh, because, wow there were heaps!

Oh and machine knit people...go look at these sites, I love the machine knit bloggers, they are all so clever, and generous with their knowledge and talent. I would join them except I don't do enough blimmin' knitting at the moment...and I worry that "no adult content" means that I can't write words like "arse" and as a kiwi, I must have that freedom..."you stupid arse" is almost a term of endearment in my house.