Monday, April 18, 2005

The BIG issue!

I should have posted sooner, but getting my husband to pose in front of the camera proved...difficult! I had an email concerning said husband, and the fact that I have not posted since his spider experience...the sender was concerned that there had been an accident...nope...just me being slack...Flash closed the sunroof, and carried on to work, when he arrived he rounded up a posse of big men, and they took after the spider with a coffee mug and a peice of cardboard, took 5 of them to get the poor thing cornered,caught, and released into the nearest tree...after seeing a picture of the creature, I understand now why some people do indeed crash when they notice one of these in their car!

I have finally included pics of the Manly vest, Clapotis AND current WIPs...!!so you can see, my time has not been spent idly wandering that online yarns stores...I did order the "Twisted Sisters" sock book though...hope it arrive before we leave for NZ (yes that's right we are going home...home,home,home!)I can't wait to catch up with everyone, hear that familiar kiwi twang, walk through bush that is home to the odd weta ( not the weta of the "Lord of the rings" fame)and very little else (NZ has no snakes, and only one wee rare poisonous spider...except for the occasional import)

I am extremely happy with the Clapotis, it is a lovely design, in that you can make it out of any thickness of yarn and it seems you always end up with a good result, I feel the same about the Short row rib scarf, I am knitting it in a finer yarn on smaller needeles than the pattern, but it is still lovely, it is very easy once you get the hang of it, and once this yarn is blocked, it will be gorgeous, I like it this thin, because I can loop it, without too much bulk...Sydney doesn't get too cold!

The socks are for Holls,I asked what she needed and she replied socks!, so bought a pile from Target, and these can be worn when she is wandering around in her jammies and dressing gown.
The yarn is Sock it to me Colori from Elann in the Tiffanny roses colourway.

Bought a large ringbinder and clear sleeves start documenting my work, when I knitted previously I didn't have a digital camera, so saving pictures of my work just didn't happen, I had photos of my last range on disc...but can't find it :-( so have decided to be vigilant this time, and document everything, picture, pattern, yarn band, sample, and keep it all in one place.