Saturday, April 23, 2005


we are here! arrived at 1am yesterday morning, Charlotte was the main attraction...what is it with teenagers, they look perfectly normal unitl you get to immigration, then they all assume facial expressions and demeanours of the drug-addled! (stand up, stop making faces!) please don't make bomb comments, please don't say "do you think I'll get thru the scanner?" just before you go thru the scanner...don't go "phew" when you get thru ok...(this was Blaise who had titanium rods in her back....and they never set off the scanner) please don't leave your bag in the lounge, and not realise until you are nearly on the plane! and when you get to NZ customs...please remember what you packed in your bags! (snow-globes!)

Flash arrived at 3 this morning, his flight was twice delayed, Air NZ had booked a rental car for 12 noon, but Flash had ordered it for 12 midnight! he was lucky that the woman looked back at her counter, and saw him standing there bewildered!

This morning we are spending time with my parents and Holly, it is not too cold, a bit overcast.I have been wearing Clapotis, which is perfect in this weather. Went to my old LYS yesterday, and bought a couple of sets of Ashford bamboo dpns, and some Opal sock yarn for $10 less than I paid in Oz!!! ( might go back and get some more!)