Monday, April 11, 2005

it has been a very good day

I opened the mailbox and inside was a postbag from Ozeyarn,a slip for a package to pick up from the super, from Elann! And Blaise opened the door and presented me with another parcel, this time from the Wool Shack…, (with free jellybeans!)

I see a lot of sock knitting in my future…

We have lots of sockyarn, pink baby cashmere and blue baby wool…for that neice in my near future, lustrous hand dyed silk mmmmm, and a scarf worth of Hawthorne Viola, which has Blaise asking if they have undyed yarn, as she wants to knit sleeves for a jacket made out of this fabric ( bought from a Trelise Cooper sale) and she wants to kool-aid dye it herself.

I was called into my boss’s office this afternoon…and given a payrise, with the expectation of another one in a months time, when I have my 3 month review, I almost burst into tears as she told me how valuable an addition to the office I have been,it made me feel great!