Thursday, July 21, 2005

all quiet

on the home front tonight, I am completely knackered after my first week back at work ( yes I know I have nother day to go) so I am about to crawl into bed, just a few rows on the latest Opal sock first. Flash is cleaning like a mad Irish cleaning woman, his favourite Mother-in-Law arrives tommorow and he wants the place spotless...the bets are on to see how long it takes me to start wheezing from all the chemicals ( or from laughing at the swearing!)

Spare a thought for my younger sister, she is 37 weeks pregnant with my neice-to-be Maisie, Vickii is a tiny wee thing, and baby is so heavy that my sister's rib cartilage has torn, and the top 3 ribs have "popped out" I was relieved to hear not out of her body, but it is disturbing enough, she is in massive pain, and has been given Methadone for the pain, our Mama works in the medical proffessions, and is organising everything,getting it sorted, the system in NZ is strange these days, and there are no private maternity hospitals ( well, not for at-risk pregnancies) at present they are saying they will not do a cesarean, can you imagine being in labour...and then having to bear down, with this sort of injury, she can't sleep, it is stupid. Hopefully commonsense will prevail and they will organise a nice seemly elective cesarean, so Mum and Maisie don't suffer too much more.Jeepers they do it everyday for women with nothing wrong with them!

I have 2 baby cardis finished, better get those socks finished soon!