Monday, July 04, 2005


ah the money I could be spending on wool right now if it were not being spent on health care!

The lovable Flash, is obviously feeling guilty ( and shouldn't, after all I am sleeping and eating, don't need much help doing that, and I'm a big girl, I can take my pills on time) and just has to stop!!! So far this weekend he has:

1) had to change his presentation completely as found out the main man doesn't like "gimmicks"
2) broken 3/4 of his top front tooth clean off ( lovely singaporean dentist fashioned a temp one)
3) got something in his eye so that he spent the whole "meet and greet" session with a red twitchy eye....not a good look.

Meanwhile, Holly in NZ had all 4 wisdom teeth out, and is doing well, but apparently looks like a chipmunk.

I think my family needs a good holiday, or at least a weekend away, so I have booked here we can visit the Jenolan Caves, go on bush walks, and generally relax ( and see animals!)

Sometimes (ok often) I feel that our family life is too fast, I thought it would be different when the kids were teenagers, that they would be so busy with their own lives, to mind, but the very fact that they are so busy seems to make it that much more important that their is someone co-ordinating everyone's movements. My job is good, I don't bring my work home with me at all, and I am lucky to have a lovely employer who understands the needs of family.
I am just thinking out loud here, because for the present I can see no changes, Flash has to travel for work, he is in the midst of being "The Man" for his company and I promised I would see it through with him, I have to work fulltime, in order to maintain lifestyle choices that the family agrees are important ( renovating the Waihi house, trips to NZ, and to OZ for Holly, Mel and Charlotte) I am sorry for whinging, I am still recovering, and have had far too much time lying in bed thinking!

Back to knitting, have had fun exploring the V&A website, the wartime knitting patterns are interesting, knitted undies anyone...oops no, Justine Bateman (from "Family Ties")is making them isn't she...the "orange boy briefs" have to be a favourite.
I am 1/2 way through the "hardly any seams" baby cardi, but no photos as Flash has the camera, have finished one sock (improvements include knitting-in elastic in the ribbing, and woolly nylon in the heel for better wear) and have studiously ignored the come-ons from one Karahgahake wrap, I'll get to her when I am good and ready. I wish the camera were here, a house full of flowers which won't last much longer ( white walls, 15 ft windows the length of the apartment, not flower friendly) and a finished sock, photo ops galore.

Gratuitous photo of Charlotte taken recently at Bethell's beach West Auckland...memories.