Sunday, July 24, 2005

First of all, thank you to those who commented and emailed about my sister, she has some kind of pain relief patch, and is taking the methadone, and staying in bed, and it seems to be working, so the baby can stay in longer, which is great. The reason that they said no elective ceasar is mainly philosophical/political...if at the time her specialist thinks that labour will cause more damage, she should be able to get one, but it just adds to her stress.

My Mama arrived on friday night, for another of her flying visits, yesterday we drove down to Berrima a quaint small town full of little shops, Flash went mad in the jam shop, we have 4 types of honey and all sorts of jam and sauces, the sweet shop proved irresistible to all, but I was disappointed with the Alpaca yarn, I can buy Noro for that price. We had brought a picnic lunch, so we ate at a table in the park and watched the galahs squabbling.

We drove on the Kiama via the back road, I had wanted to stop at one of the nature reserves on the way, but Flash had his heart set on the blowhole (we took the blowhard to the blowhole) so we pressed on, the blowhole wasn't in action, but it was mesmerising to look into the hole, and see the water going in and out, it sounded like the ground was breathing.

By this time it was dusk, so no point in stopping by Wollongong, but I do want to visit the Wollongong SNB soon. Good food from Newtown Thai, (their green curry is mmmm) and so to bed. Not sure what is planned for today...maybe a trip to the Botanical Gardens