Tuesday, July 12, 2005


You can tell I am dangerously bored can't you...the picture to the right should be a clue, I thought I would post to show that I have actually finished the little Maisie cardi ( buttons and all), but when the photo had been taken...well it's so boring without a baby in it, so I dug out the ancient Photodeluxe software and had a play.

I expect I will post the pattern at some stage, you know how bad I am at that sort of thing, the yarn was Esprit from Elann, good for babies I think, as it is cotton, with good stretchy lycra, so it stretches in all directions, and it is is cheap!

Went to the GP yesterday, he has signed me off until next Monday, I am still stupidly tired, which I just can't handle, so even though I am home, I am not able to do the things I want to do, which is so frustrating. Which reminds me...

these came from Virginia Farms, they are handpainted laceweight merino from Margaret Stove at Artisan Lace in NZ. The colour on the left is "Pansy" and the right is "Paua" The Artisan Lace website has some good tips, especially this one (scroll to the bottom) for getting handpainted colours where you want them on a scarf.
I don't know what I am going to do with them yet, but I thought maybe scarves for my Granny and the girl's Nana ( who is looking after Charlotte) probably knit on the machine. I love the little touch of creamy yellow on the Pansy colourway, being a kiwi I had to buy the Paua out of patriotic duty! but it is pretty.

So I am back to bed, to continue reading my book "No Angel" by Felicity Price, it is once again, a nice book, an easy read, but a little more interesting being set in Nelson, with a backdrop of the Wearable Art Awards which I saw live for the first time last year, with my Mama, prior to moving to Oz, an amazing event, which has sadly had to move from it's bithplace of Nelson, to NZ's capital Wellington.