Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Happy Birthday Maria!

My youngest stepdaughter, second to youngest daughter, Maria May, is sweet sixteen.
She doesn't let us take photos, and the scanner is ka-put, so here is a recycled one, you can't see her well, but she is second from the left. She is blonde, hazel eyes, pretty and very serious.

so here we go, 10 things about Maria

- She is fantastic at German

- She likes almost everything I cook

- She keeps wise counsel, her own, here is a girl who knows when to keep her mouth closed!

- She swims like a fish

- She secretly wants to learn to knit

- She reminds me so much of myself at her age that it is scarey...

-She still finds sharing hard, but I know deep inside that she realises that having a big extended

family is so much more important than material stuff...in the long run.

- She loves kittens, and would make a fine vet

-Her favourite colour is blue, but she has suddenly become a girly-girl and is wearing lots of


- She loves life in Sydney, and has fitted into school, and social life with aplomb.

So, we have a white chocolate mudcake, covered in melted white chocolate and M&Ms, presents piled up for her return from work, and Dad arriving back in time for a dinner in King Street, many happy returns Ria!