Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Sneak peek...

I am writing the pattern before I show the photo of the finished item, I know how useless I am at posting patterns, especially handknit ones, it is because of the gauge factor...and because I change the pattern while I am knitting, this time I have been very careful to write everything down. The pattern is almost finished, just one little adjustment I want to test first... but here is a taster.
See how the silk glistens in the sun, the sun that rebounds off the white walls of our apartment and causes snowblindness at 8 am.

Today I am working until 9 or 10 pm, I am not looking forward to it, changes are needed in parts of my life (not the family part!) there are some things that are making me quite stressed, I can't talk about them here...(the word "dooce" comes to mind) so I am slowly making plans, I am realising as I hurtle towards the big four-oh, that I am in control of my happiness, and I have to change the things that aren't working, Flash is convinced that my illness was caused by stress...he may be right. Once upon a time I worked from home, designed, made and sold women's knitwear (too cheaply I realise now) but we had enough money for the mortgage and necessities, and the few luxuries we needed for life to be comfortable, friends dropped in often, and I was deeply happy, even when bad things happened, I still had an inner core of happiness, now I am not so sure I have I am writing it down, making a plan.

And I am so excited that I am off to Wollongong this saturday! I hope Donni brings yarn to sell (hint hint) I have my driving instructions downloaded from whereis, have advised Flash that he is sans car for the day ( he is lucky I don't stay the night at the Novotel and go out raving with those snb girls!...maybe next time)