Monday, July 18, 2005

a mixed bag

lots of variety today, but not much depth!

First off, a new bunch of lace patterns, and the first of the stitch patterns for some of the old lady's lace. This week we have "the snowdrop" ( well thats what I think it looks like) please let me know of any problems, if you are punching a card, this is a 12 st by 20 row repeat.

machine knit lace, using some old acrylic whihc was lying around the place, acrylic is good for lace samples, as it is very forgiving, but as you can see, pressing kills it dead.

I particularly like the middle one, it is from John Allen's "Treasury of Machine knitting stitches"

I attempted to knit the Paua yarn into a scarf for my Granny, but have frogged it, I will try again when I am not feeling so crappy...I also had to frogg 1/4 of a sock for the same reason, sometimes you just have to "PUT THE KNITTING DOWN!"

The reason for the crappiness, a whole load of happiness, Flash and I had Indian for dinner in King St on saturday night, then off to the Opera House to see those fabulous Finn brothers, it was incredible, they played songs from my whole life, Split Enz, Crowded House, Tim's songs, Neil's songs...songs with accents of home, and words from was great, the whole place full of middle-aged, middle-class mostly Aussies and Kiwis, up and dancing despite an appalling lack of rhythm, even the uptight baby boomer seated next to me knew all the words and ended up jiggling with the rest of us (I didn't mean Flash...I meant the guy on the other side of me!) Flash has a Split Enz story of his own, when he was 21 he was right against the stage during a performance in their "Six months in a leaky boat" tour ( the first cassette I ever bought...I was 13) Tim stopped singing, bent down and handed him a poem to read out loud...ahhh I wish I had been there...Flash reading a poem!

Then came sunday, which I spent fasting for the procedure I had today, the fast was followed by the ingestion last night of the "Bowel prep kit" enough said. I was at the hospital at 8.30 am, took three hours to get all the pictures they wanted, and then a Dr knocked my canulla...was there blood! was there what...paper towel soaked in an instant, it was like a tap on full...boy I wish I had known about that vein a few weeks ago, then I could have knitted earlier in the hospital. In addition they injected some contrast into my arm, not sure if it was radio-active, like last time, not too concerned, but the way it made my mouth taste strange did make me remember the utterings of David Lange, humanist and one time Prime Minister of NZ, and his wonderful speech (scroll down a bit) at the Oxford Union debate many years ago "Nuclear Weapons are Morally Indefensible" the phrase "hold your breath I can smell the uranium on it" made us all feel clever by association, and proud of our nuclear-free stance. If you enjoy words, then please read his speech.

All is quiet, Blaise is reading the latest Kate Forsyth, Maria - the latest Harry Potter, I have Jodi Picoult's "My sister's keeper" ( and a box of tissues) no knitting tonight.