Tuesday, July 05, 2005

and a spot of light reading

Went to work for 2 hours today, it was nice to catch up, and nice too that my work wasn't out of control, but that I had actually left things in good order. I still feel knackered, the antibiotics are knocking me around some.
Stopped by the bookshop on the way home to pick up a couple of extra gifts for Maria, books 7 & 8 in the "Wheel of Time" series, Holly started Blaise and Maria on the series, Holly buys them, reads them, then brings them over for Maria, and then Blaise to read, but as she had to have her wisdom teeth out, there is no visit these holidays, so no new books, ( she is 18, yes the post office is a mystery to her) Maria has almost finished number 6, so I know this will bring a smile to her face, along with her very OWN colour printer, so she no longer has to put up with my one running out of ink etc.
While I was in the bookshop I happened upon "Knitting" by an Australian author Anne Bartlett, I have been tucked up in bed this afternoon reading it, I love the opening sentence "Ever since Jack's funeral Sandra had been covered in glass" the book itself is..nice, a bit set-up, but an easy read, and comforting with the knitting content, and the fact that it is set in Adelaide, with references to local birdlife and general Australiana. I don't feel guilty not knitting, when I am reading about it! It has also saved me from having to continue reading "The Map that changed the world" which I was fascinated by, as I love science stories, and this is set in the West Country, the land of my birth...but is it dire! I can't continue reading when every other page tells me how this guy's fortune is going to change and he will end up in debtors prison and die destitute...tell me that when it happens NOT before!!!

Time for me to pop back into bed and continue reading and knitting on the dreaded second sock.