Saturday, July 09, 2005

is it the weekend again already?

I have lost a few weeks, last week I went to work twice, for 2 hours each time,of course its not just 2 hours is it, theres the getting ready time, and the travel time, on the afternoon of the second day my temperature started rising, "this is stupid" thought I, and put myself on complete bedrest again, my GP agreed, and has told me to take all of next week off work as well. I haven't been this sick...ever, anyway, I am going to SSK this afternoon, even if only for an hour or so, need to get dressed in real clothes and spend some time with real and interesting people.

Auntie Janet, and the OE friends are all well, which is a relief, the girl's Dad, well, we haven't heard, and unfortunately that is not a rare thing, we never hear from him anyway, this isn't meant to sound bad, it is just the way it is but, we are more likely to have heard if something had happened to him, so the kids are not worried or fretting at all, the silence is what they are used to.

Holly has asked me to make her some gloves with ribbed, button up gauntlets, I think I will use the lovely Lucia's Glove generator ( she is so clever that woman!) and add the gauntlets. I was thinking I should make her some thrummed mittens, with her going to live in such a cold place as Lincoln.