Wednesday, January 19, 2005


I want to say "Bill Gates is the devil" but I won't...yet
Downloaded a windows update know to protect my PC from being externally controlled by evil forces etc...and when I restarted, I was informed that I had to reload windows as some DLL file had "poof" disappeared.My PC is being internally controlled by evil forces.
So I had to do a restore :-(
and now everything looks weird cos it is like the original Internet Explorer...I do not like this Sam-I-Am...don't have time to fix it now, have to take Holl's to the airport, in a taxi, cos Flash has a big conference on, starting today, and cos he is the boss, and all his minions are coming from around the country to listen adoringly to him, he is abandoning us.
I can understand that he has to do his job, but he has really bad timing. (mafioso voice) 'cos this is family.