Monday, January 10, 2005


This sample is from John Allen's Machine Knitting stitches book, it is a fairisle pattern - blue acrylic background with purple wool and pink cotton patterning (sampling, used the colours I had...I do this a lot, work out an idea with cheap yarn, then use the good stuff when the idea has been perfected) The long floats at the back of the work are cut, and then the piece is felted, the idea is that the acrylic yarn does not felt, and the wool does, pulling up into a fluffy pompom, unfortunately the wool I used was not thick enough, so next time I will use double thickness, I will leave the cotton in there though, it adds a bit of interest. I think this idea would be great in the right colours, for cushions, something spicy like cinnamon and paprika for the lounge, or citrus lime and lemon for the kids.

Found a nice site while I was woolgathering on the web this morning - Jean Moss - I had a book of hers ages ago, beautiful knits and colours, the website looks full of inspiration, they even sell music to knit by!! ( I prefer Barry White, Cowboy Junkies and Willie Nelson when I am quiet, or Fur Patrol, Tadpole or Goldenhorse when I am not)

Speaking of music, the girls missed out royally yesterday, Flash and I went for our "Saturday at 3" stroll on King St 5 or kids were interested, so it was down to the Coopers Arms for a cider, and crooning away in the corner was Missy Higgins, so na na na for not coming with us I laughed at the 18 year old...I am cruel.