Sunday, January 23, 2005

we survived the formatandrestore

have almost finished embrace, just have to join the two peices ( will do on the knitting machine as neat AND fast) then wash to clean up the angora, and block.

Had a wonderful time at the knitting group, I have missed the banter of intelligent women! I was impressed by their wealth(s) of knowledge and passion.I will return, and I promise never to take eyelash yarn again! I met Flash at the pub afterwards ( Missy Higgins AGAIN!... we didn't tell the girls this time) and he almost made me cry telling me how proud he was of me for going along to the group without knowing anyone has been difficult not knowing many people here, let alone anyone who knits, so I saw it more as an act of self-preservation than courage...but I love him all the more for saying it.

Now that I have almost finished embrace I am looking around for my next project, I think it will be a machine knit black lace ballet wrap, with satin ribbon detail of some sort... I'd like to make some felted slippers too, because if the first pair work, it will take me almost to winter to make enough for the rest of the family!