Sunday, January 16, 2005


Holly, ( being her Mother's daughter and as such immensely talented) dragged me (yeah sure) to Tapestry on friday, where she bought a scarf-full of a beigey-grey brown "gusto" and some BIG needles ( I bought 2 balls of Cleopatra...later) came home and set about knitting with a vengeance (after drawing up a pattern...good girl), yesterday morning when I left to go bead shopping with Flash, she was 1/2 way through already, when I returned later that afternoon after a bit more than just bead shopping, she was still half way...I said " no knitting today Holls?" and she replied that she had made a couple of mistakes the previous day, and had frogged back to 1/4, and started over from there...SO COOL, she didn't know to be frightened of frogging, and now she never will be. We have a video of her when she was 4, on a decidedly tricky part of the jungle gym, and someone offering to help her..."I can do it" was the reply, and she did.

So, I finally tracked down a bead shop, walked past it at first as Flash and I were having a lovely conversation, and not noticing our you do, walked in and was BE-wildered...bead overload...I had a picture of a knitting bracelet that I wanted to kind of copy, the basic idea, but different beads etc, and wandered around with my picture, but having only made knitted wire bracelets, and fishing line bracelets ( never used findings, but I know I can find help on the 'net) I didn't know what else to get, finally I put my foot down with myself and made some decisions, "I'll have 10 of these and 2 of these" etc etc, the beads were gorgeous, clear glass with a white centre and pink rosebuds for the big beads, and small watermelon pink crystals for the small, (and ended up buying a complete kit of findings from K-mart!) I just wanted to come home and get started, but Flash was in a buying frenzy, he has a conference next week, and needed smart casual shirts, after that he wanted to go to the pub, cos we went late last saturday, and he loves hanging out listening to the band, and after that he wanted us to have a romantic dinner, I just wanted noodles and to start my beads ( sad pathetic woman) so he relented, and we ended up watching a dvd, so I didn't get near my beads...grrrr, so I am looking for net help now, before we drive out to Berowra to see his brother's family, as they haven't seen Holls. I just want some time alone!!!!

Took a picture of my cleopatra, will use it for trim on machine-knit, not sure what yet, but it is so yummy...saw some thrower's waste silk blend yarn on e-bay, which looks like it would be nice too, speaking of which, have won auctions on 2 machine knitting books that I have been after for a while, and am bidding on some hanks of white merino, there is so much yarn available on e-bay, it really is a much cheaper way of indulging in stash building, or as I saw it in a magazine S-E-X (Stash Expansion eXercise)

will take photos of my beading adventure (when and if!)