Thursday, January 20, 2005

Happy Birthday Blaisydaisy!

my baby is 14, when I tell people I have 5 teenage daughters they almost always fall over, apparently I do not look old enough, I think I look ravaged, but maybe thats cos I can see the inside me.

Anyway, Blaise Genevieve was born at 5.10 am, 14 years ago, at home on Waiheke Island, she weighed 6lb9oz, and was perfectly perfect. She has encountered difficulties in her journey, was diagnosed with congenital scoliosis at 4, and had a marathon operation to place titanium rods in her spine, and take bits and peices of bone out, at 11 (exactly 3 years ago, she was admitted the evening of her 11th birthday) she also has spina bifida, but has no symptoms, her paediatrician advised me that if they had seen all of this on an early scan they would have advised me to terminate the pregnancy, they would have had no hope of her ever walking ( good thing we didn't know, cos she runs every day!)
Blaise loves reading and acting, she is top of her class even though she moved country into a different school system, she is a delight to all who know her, placid and even tempered, acutely funny sense of humour, loves Monty Python, when she is angry with you, you will feel it, she becomes very quiet, puts on her pyjamas...and GOES TO BED! even at 2 in the afternoon,
She got a flash MP3 player for Christmas,and had agreed that 1/2 of it was for her birthday, she is very firm on things like this, but I bought her the final 2 books in Kate Forsyth's "Witches of Eileanan" (sp?) series, Charlotte bought her the first and she stayed up for 21 hours reading it, then she bough the 2nd and 3rd with birthday money day before yesterday, Charlotte has bought her the 4th for her birthday, so, I doubt that we will see her for the next week!

Happy birthday baby girl,