Friday, January 21, 2005

*$%#@& floral scarf

why did I not use my brain, of course 8 ply worsted is so much HEAVIER than mohair! Finished the floral scarf ( all 97 peices of it), steamed the bits and put them together...only my big roses were BIG, and heavy. I took them off, stuck satay sticks up their fundaments, and put them in a vase ( ok a latte cup) The scarf is pretty, but a SCARF??? I think not, it twists on itself all of the time, I cannot wear things that need constant adjustment, my clothes misbehave enough as it is. I have decided to sew it to the neckline of a shop-bought heavy cotton/rayon pink cardi, This is why I sample, to work out the bugs in something new and unusual, if I make a plain jumper or cardi...there are no surprises, so I can use the good stuff. I will use the yarn I bought to make the good version of this scarf, to make a lacy, striped scarf and will make some of the flowers to decorate the ends. Good experience though, cos now I have some new flowers in my repetoire for decorating cardi's, bags etc.