Friday, January 21, 2005

a warm Embrace...

have decided to use some of the "floral scarf fiasco" yarn on Embrace , I have made it slightly longer than the original, and am making two "legs" in pale pink angora ( looks a bit dull at present as is industrial yarn in oil, needs to be washed to reveal it's full glory) I plied 4 ends of it together on the wool winder.The other two "legs" are done in a stripe of 4 garter rows Cleckheaton Belle, and 2 drop st garter rows in a pink cotton, if it doesn't suit me I'll give it to my Mama.

Flash has taken Charlotte to the basketball, and Maria is at work ( the 15 yr olds both work at the same place, very handy) so Blaise and I are having a night in with Nando (yummy chicken wraps) I think I will watch "Much ado about nothing" and chill out with a glass of red and my knitting, Blaise is still engrossed in what Flash is calling "the forsyth saga" and has hardly moved all day, had to take the book by force and send her to the gym for 1/2 hour, she doesn't often have to be encouraged, she is a real gym bunny.