Friday, January 28, 2005

catch up

On the knitting front, have finished all the peices for piglet, they are drying as I write this, short sleeves, and I was SO lucky, had about a foot of yarn left to cast off the last 26 sts :-), phew, the yarn goddess was smiling on me. I would have liked to have put a line of picot holes to frame the sleeve cap, but that requires more thinking than my brain can handle right now.

I have started a pair of felted slippers, the cuff, heel and toe will be in a moss green, and the rest in a subdued lime, this is the first time since Tech, that I have felted anything on purpose, and I am really looking forward to it.

Home life...has been exciting, we live in a double height apartment, which is to say, that we have one upstairs bedroom, and the rest of the apartment has double height ceilings ( approx 20ft high), which means double height windows...for some bizarre reason the top windows in the master bedroom do not have window coverings, so for the past 4 months Flash and I have slept in a room bright enough to read in when the lights are out... as well as the fact that it is right on one of the busiest roads in Sydney ( oh I do so want to live in an apartment in the city...) in the beginning we both donned sleep masks and earplugs each night, but by now we are used to it and have no problem sleeping. However, with the impending Singapore trip, and visit by my Mother, we wanted her to be as comfortable as possible, so decided to cover the top windows with black plastic ( don't even begin to ask why we can't just get the landlord to fix it...) we brought our convettible ladder with us from NZ, because we knew we were going to be living here, and thought it would come in handy...yep, handy for helping my husband nearly kill his stupid self!

How to die without really thinking:

  • cut black plastic to fit,
  • line it with double sided tape
  • stick one corner to the head of the swiffer
  • mount the ladder ( balanced precariously on two dining room chairs)
  • reach up to stick the plastic onto the window with the swiffer
  • fall off the ladder when it slides off the dining room chairs, break your fall with the Ikea corner unit, TV, DVD-R, video and stereo.

and of course he refuses to go to the Dr, he has a beauty bruise under his arm, and a big graze from his armpit, half way down his side, he was a hero at work. rrrr rrr rrr.

( by the way, he got back up the ladder and finished sticking the plastic up, as it was the last peice, the room is beautifully dark at night now...and quiet(apart from the traffic) cos I'm not talking to him! he wondered why Charlotte was so snaky with him yesterday, and I'm like...cos you could have died you twit!)

I applied for 4 jobs yesterday, 2 government jobs, 1 medical reception and 1 general admin, I really don't care at the moment, just need a job to get us through as our tenants are not paying their rent ( don't get me started on NZ tenancy law...these "people" can live in our house, and not pay rent, then we have to give them notice of eviction for not paying rent, and they can go on living in our house not paying rent for 90 DAYS!!! and if a "person" is that rude that they don't even try and pay their rent, then I can imagine what kind of state the house is in, and cos I don't want to think about that all day long, I need to find a job to take my mind of it!...that and the fact that the bank don't care if our tenants don't pay rent, they still want the mortgage repayments :-)

oooh I'm a bit ranty today...

Australia Day was great, we walked the Harbour Bridge, wandered around the various events at the Rocks and Circular Quay, and then caught a bus to Newtown for a quick visit to the pub, and a Bombay Chicken burger at Burgerlicious . There were events everywhere, the harbour was full of boats, ferries, tall ships, there were fireworks at night ( the Aussie's govt. has banned them from lighting fireworks themselves, so they have public displays to celebrate everything!)

Thank you for the emails and comment about the Sage and Onion bread, but it is no big deal, I just add 3 heaped t of sage, and one finely chopped onion to my normal bread recipe...too easy!