Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Scattered...and a recipe

me, that is...I feel fragmented, I do not like being at home fulltime, it was nice to get the girls settled into school etc. but I find the housework boring and unfulfilling, the family only notice if something isn't done! I love baking, but dinner has always been a bit of a stumbling block for me...night after night, "what, you want dinner again?, I cooked last night!" when I was on my own with the girls we had "make your own dinner night" at least twice a week, it is too much drama with so many people.And Flash is great, but his job is stressful, and I am home all day, so it is right I should cook...bugger! I can't wait to get a job!!!

ok ranting over, tonight we are having Butter Chicken Soup, this is one of my favourite things, I love to cook Indian style, fill the table with 4 kinds of curry,pakoras, naan, and all the trimmings. This soup is like the speedy version for when I can't be knackered going the whole hog.

Butter Chicken Soup
Marinate a whole chicken breast or about 400g chicken meat,for at least an hour in:
1T lemon juice
1t ground coriander
1t ground cumin
1t chili powder
1t grated ginger
2 cloves garlic-crushed

remaning ingredients:
1 T butter
1 onion finely chopped
1t ground coriander
1t ground cumin
1/4t chili powder
1t grated ginger
1 jar passatta (tomato puree, about 500 ml)
3 c chicken stock (fresh or cubes, I use Knorr brand if I haven't got homemade)
1/4 c Basmati rice
2 T tomato paste
1 T flour
2 T brown sugar
1/4 c cream
fresh coriander to garnish

melt butter, add onion, cook till soft, add chicken and cook until sealed.
Add the spices and ginger.
Stir in passatta and stock.
Simmer, add rice, stir and cook for 10 minutes.
Mix tomato paste and flour, and whisk a little at a time , into soup to thicken.
Add brown sugar and cream.
Taste, correct seasonings, add a little lemon juice, or sugar if required.
Serve garnished with fresh coriander, and naan bread.

My kids like it made without the rice, then poured over rice, they are pains like that...did you ever see the movie "When Harry met Sally" Meg Ryan's character Sally is just like my family...( including me) I'll have the green salad, but without the olives, and I'll have the italian dressing, on the side"... anyhow, everyone likes this, and it is easy, and freezes beautifully.

Photos, as promised of Holls with her scarf, my girl is going home tomorrow, and I will miss her so much, this splitting of our family has been difficult, I keep telling myself that it is time for her to grow up anyway, she has only gone to live with her grandparents, and she practically lived with them every weekend anyway!, it's not like she has to survive in a student flat or anything, but Mummy guilt is a strong emotion.

Bracelets, I am really happy with these, 2 beaded on elastomere, and a knitting bracelet on leather, also made 2 pairs of stitch markers with the heart shaped beads, then Flash comes home with the latest Netguide, which has a link to a Jewellery making website...so here was I floundering in the world of findings, couldn't find a site to help...and now when Ii have finished, a site appears...typical! I shall have to buy more beads.