Monday, January 10, 2005

...and finally, the knitting

Here are a couple of samples I have been working on, as I said before I have only just got my machine up and running, and the brain is feeling rusty, I know for certain that in the past 10 years I have forgotten much more about this craft than I can recall at present.
The black sample is just stocking stitch in 2 ends of black 2 ply, I cut a stencil from acetate, and sprayed it with aerosol textile paint, which I purchased from the art shop in King st, the paint is very runny, and it will take a while to get the process running smoothly, but it is a fun way to add decoration and interest.

Blaise, The Nana, and I visited the Egyptian exhibition at the museum over the holidays, and that is where the inspiration for this sample came from. I loved the displays of amulets that were wrapped up in the mummie's bandages ( I did not like the display of mummie's themselves, Blaise was slightly upset, as it was the story of a young girl, and her body was right there on display, I'm sure the girl would have been beyond mortified) I suppose that this is science, but cannot help thinking that a model of the mummy itself would have surficed, the inner and outer coffins were incredible, but next time I'll avoid the dessicated heads and feet...must be the Maori influence, but I think dead bodies should be treated with respect.

The plan is to make a garment in shades of brown, decorated with various spray dyed amulets, probably in black dye to give a silhouette effect, and maybe some red ochre or turquoise beads.