Tuesday, January 18, 2005


stole the meme from Donna's site...

Grooming Products
Shampoo--Ice blue shampoo - Body shop, I love anything mint
Moisturizer--Clarins- I have wildly sensitive skin
Cologne--today - Beyond Paradise- Flash nicked off with my Body shop Vanilla
Razor--venus disposable
Cell phone--Blackberry - I love him, I can check my ebay from the bus!
Computer--Hp box, Philips screen
Television--too many-don't talk to me about TV
Stereo--got a cool Philips/Nike personal stereo for the gym for Christmas
Sheets--percale, cream, boring
Coffee-maker--Vice Versa Koala ( red baby!)
Car--I walkses everywhere, if too far I catches the bus ( or drive Flash's car)
Bottled water--water cooler from Target,and an old mizone bottle.
Coffee--long black
Vodka-- 42 below in NZ, Absolut vanilla in OZ
Beer--only when it is 40 degrees or over
Jeans--nope, even when I was a beanpole jeans looked WRONG,its the childbearing hips
T-shirt--only at the gym
Briefcase or tote--pale blue Jansport backpack with kid graffitti
Sneakers-- Avia
Watch--one of the girls old dinosaur watches
Favorite Places
Watching the stars from the verandah of our 1909 kauri villa in Waihi
Necessary Extravagance
good wine, from NZ if necessary (yes they DO make good wine here, and we drink it)