Monday, January 17, 2005


I love it, maybe it is because I lived in the foothills of the Waitakere ranges, where it rains often, the sweetness of it, the smell in the air when you can feel it coming, the pounding on the iron roof when you are cuddled up in your warm bed, oh sure it is a pain when you are running from the car to the office, but I like the life afirming nature of just the right amount of rain.
It is raining here in Sydney, my NZ friends please hi-5 each other, we have had a couple of HOT days, gorgeous days, we have strolled the streets in a lazy manner redolent of floating in a heated pool, we amble, walking is too strenuous, shops are an oasis of cool, until we step out into the almost liquid warmth again. The rain cooled the night (sleeping has been difficult with the heat- but I am sure we will adapt) and has snarled the traffic, but we will enjoy the day, I will be able to knit and play with no worries that the kids will want me to join them for tennis or a swim.
Had a good time with the family in Berowra, they made us welcome as always with a gorgeous afternoon tea, Judith made scrummy chocolate melting moments, couple of glasses of bubbly on the deck, and then a wander around the lookout over Berowra Waters... I love the Australian bush, it is not dense and damp like the beautiful bush at home, they both have their advantages and uniqueness, the aussi bush is open and fragrant, with lots of boulders ( for my inner mountain goat) and hidden terrors to keep that frisson alive, Charlotte is itching to see a snake ( I have only seen one in the wild, in Africa, a wee grass snake, even that paralysed me with fear!) and joins me on lizard hunts ( we have enough different ones in photos to make a "lizard of the month" calendar so far- maybe that will be my universal gift nextchristmas!) I LOVE, love, love, lizards, skinks, geckos, iguanas, and the birds here delight me no end, since Flash has taken my memory stick with the Berowra and bead photos to work, I think I will stick my cockatoo pic here, taken at the botanical gardens, a cockatoo was trying to get the water fountain to work, of course he wasn't strong enough ( though plenty smart) so I offered him a drink from my water bottle, he and I spent 15 minutes together while he drank about 250 ml of water ( yes I threw the bottle in the bin afterwards!) it was an awesome experience.

Holly has finished her scarf ( glad someone in the family has finished something) pic to come
I made my knitting bracelet, but it wasn't right, so have re-strung the beads into a bracelet for me! and am in the process of making another knitting bracelet.
Floral scarf is 90% finished, just have to make up.

Am back on the job hunt today...I have a pile of newspapers, new black ink in the printer, and a pile of CVs ready to go...